Here you will find a catalog of ideas that I think warrant more research. I have a guilty pleasure of exploring the path not traveled. That being said, the topics that I look at on here vary greatly but still relate in their out of the box nature. If you have more research or find something silly, let me know.




The Parable of the Ship

Imagine a ship with a captain that has studied to be the best captain he can be and a crew that all have the necessary skills to drive the ship. One day, there is a massive storm that causes the ship serious stress. In this tumultuous time, the captain although having led the ship through the storm, is now viewed as a failure. Seeing this, a crewmember takes it within himself to lead a mutiny and remove the captain and in turn become the new captain. Shortly after, there is another storm and they all die. Why? Because the new captain was never the best captain. In Truth, he was only the best mutineer.

I wager this is the state of politics for many governments around the world.